Daniel J. McNulty, CSP, CPE, NARPM, Notary
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Time to Purchase A Home

Wow, the market may be calling your name today. We’ve had some up and down times these past few months for both buyers and sellers in Florida. But at this time it looks as it may be swinging into a buyers market. If you are looking to buy I believe that January – March this […]

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Your dream home?

Living The Dream: Five Amazing Movie Houses That We Wish We Lived In Our dream homes are often inspired by our own imaginations, from the homes we see in our own neighborhoods or the perfectly designed interiors we see in magazines. However, sometimes our dream homes can be seen on a much larger scale, operating […]

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Defects and warranties, what should I know

Finding Defects In Newly Constructed  Homes For Sale According to the Better Business Bureau, contractor problems are one of the most common consumer complaints.  With those kinds of statistics, buying newly constructed homes for sale calls for a knowledgeable individual.  Here are a few things you can do to make sure yourcontractor doesn’t end up as […]

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